Sunmarke Teach Meet, Saturday 28th January 2017, 10am to 1pm: English and Literacy Best Practice in the Secondary Classroom | Sunmarke School

Sunmarke Teach Meet, Saturday 28th January 2017, 10am to 1pm: English and Literacy Best Practice in the Secondary Classroom

A group of teaching and learning enthusiasts will gather together on Saturday 28th January for a morning of thought-provoking and stimulating presentations and discussions around the topic of teaching English and literacy in the international British curriculum at secondary level.

The exciting teach meet Spark event, taking place at Sunmarke School, Jumeirah Village triangle, Dubai, will kick off at 10.30am and last until 1pm. Light refreshments will be available and delegates will receive a warm welcome from the Sunmarke English team and Spark host, Rachel Edgar. To sign up to attend or present visit the following weblink:

We would love to invite more enthusiastic, creative and sharing educationalists to attend, take part, and deliver 5 minute presentations on the theme of delivering English and literacy in the Secondary British curriculum classroom. You don’t have to be an English teacher to be interested in this of course as every teacher is a teacher of English and literacy – so whatever subject you teach you are bound to be able to share or learn something of value.

So far the line up of presenters includes Spark host, Rachel Edgar, on the intriguing theme of helping students to develop analytical writing skills at Key Stage 3 using “SWEATY” and “SWAG”. Second up will be English teacher, Dr Carol Webb, sharing personal, practical and helpful tips and tricks on how to make a ‘learning mat’ to help students prepare for assessments or typical styles of writing.

In addition to the normal teach meet format with 5 minute presentations being delivered by Dubai’s most creative and open-source teachers sharing their best resources or ideas, we will also be facilitating a 15 minute discussion slot. This will be based around a number of teacher chat tables, each with a different theme for conversation attached. Attendees will simply be able to sit at the table chat they are most interested in.

Table chat themes will include:

  • Responding effectively to EAL challenges in the British Curriculum international classroom
  • Maintaining and achieving high expectations in the lower sets
  • Successful integration of students’ own devices as part of normal classroom routines
  • Best practice Shakespeare
  • Best practice poetry

We hope to see you there! Please do join us by signing up to present or attend at: